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Legal matters can be overwhelming and complex, and it can be hard to find a lawyer you can trust to take care of you throughout the process.

Norris Somers Maait Lawyers are one of the longest lasting and most respected law firms in Parramatta for a reason. We pride ourselves on being hard working and straight talking. Our principal partner, John Maait, has over 40 years experience across a wide variety of legal matters, and uses that experience to help our clients get their legal matters back under control.

Why Us?

We believe our success is tied to our vision - that each client is treated as part of our family. That means being honest, up-front, flexible, and focusing on solutions.

We commit to listening to our clients, explaining the law and the process we will go through, keeping them informed throughout their matter, and providing cost effective, practical advice in plain English.

Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Don't hesitate to contact Norris Somers Maait Lawyers. Our lawyers have over 40 years experience helping people just like you. We offer your first 30 minute consultation at no charge, so to arrange a meeting please call (02) 9687 2441.

Business Law

We have experience with preparing sale and purchase contracts, deeds of charge, loan documents, Declarations of Trust, Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, review of Franchise Agreements and Commercial Leases, to name but few.

Civil Litigation

While going to court can be costly, time consuming and stressful, if it becomes inevitable you will be in safe hands. We help our clients achieve successful outcomes through the Local, District, Supreme or Federal Courts, and through various Tribunals.

Family Law

Family issues can be extremely painful and difficult to deal with. We understand and make it our priority to lighten your burden and achieve the best possible outcome, while minimising your investment of time and money to get your matter resolved.


Don't get caught out. Whether you are buying property, investing, developing or leasing, there can be a lot of tricky areas of the law. At Norris Somers Maait Lawyers we have the specialty to help with all of your conveyancing and property contract requirements.

Estate Law

Whether you want to ensure your affairs are in order and your loved ones are protected in the event of your passing, or whether you are dealing with the passing of a family member, we ensure this sensitive topic is dealt with with dignity and compassion.


Our family has used John Maait on many occasions and we have been very happy with the outcome of our cases. While I don't want to mention the legal issues we have faced, I can 100% recommend John if you need help with family law. 

No matter what legal issues I have thrown at John, he has dealt with them in the best way possible.

I have been involved with a lengthy estate battle which has spanned three countries and had progressed for over three years. When I thought I was done for, John managed to save me and secured my future.

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If you are in the need for a lawyer you can trust, who speaks your language and won't bamboozle you with legal mumbo jumbo, we'd love to talk to you.


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